Half way mark.

2 a.m. right now. Sitting here in my lounge pants with the air-con switched on. I feel rather contented and wide-eyed. 2 more days and it’s back to the grind. Last year this time I was like an ant on wheels/hot pot but right now I am strangely calm, without a hoot of the imminent chaos this term. Work is not completed and it will never be. I hadn’t sit down and think through things but with pockets of minutes, I know that my life and mental/physical well-being is more precious than an administrative task.

If I were to be sick one day, who is going to be there for me? I believe it will be my family members whom I have taken so granted for and my true friends (I will know who they are then). What about my superiors? I really can’t be sure. Financially stable for medical fees? Nah, I gotta depend on myself. So yup, my body and mind is more important to me than anything else. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of my family members and I can’t do a good job at work.

I need a new mindset and be physically strong (these can easily be my resolutions for 2016).

A new mindset to withstand whatever/whoever that propels my insanity. A thirst for knowledge. A mindset that believes that someone is out there to protect me, to support me in a spiritual sense.

I have to be physically strong – to rid of the timidness and nervousness. To be healthy.


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